Each procedure needs to be individual and thoughtful. Dr Burt takes the time to understand what his patients wish to achieve and how it can best be realised. It’s a considered approach, with outstanding results. Personal and yet professional.  


Each face is different. Each eye unique. Dr Burt approaches the face as a whole. He considers the contours and movements of each individual case and exceeds his patients expectations through a tailored and bespoke approach to each procedure.



Fine details. Intricacies. Perfection.  Dr Burt prides himself on precision. His work is sensitive and intuitive, an approach that is built on decades of the highest level of training and practice. He is a true perfectionist, exacting in his work.


Dr Burt enhances beauty though subtle, fine work that achieves exceptional results. His approach is refined and sophisticated, yet the results are natural beauty that seems both effortless and flawless. Delicate work that accentuates beauty, lifts years and allows the patient’s face to retain its individual nature.  

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